Your Friend in the Ozarks

CrossOver Investigations

The missing piece isnít always  too far away.


Thank you for coming to my website. If youíve come here for help, I am here for you. If youíve come here out of curiosity, feel free to ask questions.

CrossOver Investigations is a full service agency. I specialize in finding Missing Persons. I have located everyone Iíve set out to find. From my own birth family to missing babies, runaway teens and handicapped people gone missing. Most were positive successes, some were not. One was found deceased but if we had not gotten his dental records on file, he never would have been identified.

I also specialize in Civil Judgment Recovery. The Judge has declared you to be the winner of the case but the loser just wonít pay. The system didnít fail you. Itís just not as simple as it looks.

I am formally trained in a number of different investigative techniques, ranging from interviewing and interrogation to criminalistics and computer data recovery.

I am networked with some of the highest levels in local law enforcement as well as with national investigative specialists.

I also specialize in a couple other areas. Donít be afraid to ask. Remember, crossing over from the darkness to the light gives you certain experiences others cannot ever learn.